About T Chavarria and SEO

Back in 1998 Theresa Chavarria created her first advertising website. She knew nothing about computers or the internet so hired a website designer and an SEO Company to get things in perspective of her visions.

Within one year she just wasn’t getting the results fast enough from her web designer so she fired him and learned how to make changes herself. Being an artistic person anyway visually this came easily but how do you create something in your mind with a keyboard.

Well, determined and anxious she learned very quickly. Edits were getting done instantly and she loved the power of instant gratification for you customers demanding fast edits.

Now, SEO “Search Engine Optimization” that’s a whole different story. She hired an SEO Company to get her site to the top of the Search Engines. “AOL” back then. LOL which they did with a pricey price tag needless to say.

After a year paying this SEO Company thousands of dollars, she felt it was time for a change. She had a thought. “What if I learn and do SEO myself?”. And that she did.

She told her husband about firing this SEO Company and doing this on her own and he said no way, not until you prove yourself first. So this is what she did. She purchased a very similar domain name and said, okay, if I become #1 and beat out the SEO Company I am paying to get my website to the top positions, then I can fire them. And within 3 months she did it. The website she had with same keywords that she was paying the SEO Company to rank #1 she beat. That’s right, she did it. Now she can fire them and take over the advertising site solely on her own.

Wow, suddenly this advertising company she built was the #1 advertising website online for its industry.

So there you have it, where it all began. 1998 to date. Nothing is the same and SEO has jumped leaps and bounds since then, and anyone that started back during that time has stood the test of changes with the times.

Theresa has done that and still going strong with all her knowledge with SEO. Some old tricks and a lot of new. Always white hat with pleasing Google! Nothing but rewarded by Google in the end results of #1 rankings.

So in closing, anyone that says they are an SEO expert and has only been practicing SEO for a few years has nothing on the experience Theresa has gone through with Google.

It’s like a chess match with Google one slow move at a time but playing within the rules and guidelines required by Google.
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