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Organic Search Engine OptimizationWe believe a little old school mixed in with some new tricks is what gives Advertising Identity these powerful organic and local listing search results.

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Rosco MicrofiberRagsCo

Rosco Rags was selling both Premium Microfiber Cloths and also Cotton Wiping Rags Nationwide.

We were having a hard time getting to the top of the Search Engines with so many keyword phrases that we suggested that we build two separate websites, one for rags and the other for microfiber so we could search engine optimize better for each industry.

This technique really worked for the Rags Company.

We shot right to the top of Google in no time and they have stayed there since 2011.

As for the microfiber site, we are marketing more as a wholesale distributor with the domain wholesale microfiber and that seemed to work great until the Google change of penalizing exact domain names.

We quickly new it was time to brand the Microfiber site naming it Rosco Microfiber.

Since then we have never been this far up in Google, so once again our marketing strategies worked.

This is now a very successful company with two websites running under two separate well known branding names.

Re Branding A Company with Web Design and Social Network Marketing

THE702FIRM is one of the most prestigious Law Firms in Las Vegas which Theresa has been actively working with.  The site came to her already hacked in which she had to clean up fast before any ranking changes would be for the best.  This takes time with Google.  The site has been re designed with the most currently WordPress site and coding taking this website to the top of the search engines for best Injury Lawyer Las Vegas.

7/14/2018 Update:  The word best seems to be hurting rankings as Google is considering this word spammy.  Will be focusing more on the brand name of the business now and more for the search term Law Firms.
1/20/2019 Update:  Google has this site #1 if a search is done in Las Vegas which is fine because that is where they are generating most all their business from. Win, Win.

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