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How To Get To The Top Of Google

Search Engine OptimizationLet me start by stating most of the public has never even heard of Search Engine Optimization “SEO”.  However, they do want to know why their competitors are in Google so high up in the rankings and their company is no where to be found.  So they start searching in Google for just that, “How to get to the top of Google or how to rank #1 in Google Search?”  They come across the initials “SEO”, which is now strongly used in short of the meaning “search engine optimization”, but now what?  Well if you are reading this then you know here at Advertising Identity we are real people stating real facts.

Search Engine Optimization

You have come to the conclusion that you need Search Engine Optimization for your business website, but the question you ask yourself at this point is “how do I find the best SEO company or do I search for an SEO Specialist?”  Is there a difference?  Yes, there is a big difference, let me explain.  Can’t really speak for all SEO Specialists, but I can tell you about how I work as an Advertising Identity SEO Specialist. It’s encouraged that you stay with my work for at least one year. I don’t do contracts and I need to have free rein. Work is on a pay scale of ranking results, so when your website ranks high we both win.  With other SEO companies you may have several different departments working on your site, and may be under contract and be charged monthly regardless of rankings.


I don’t want to overwhelm you with detailed descriptions of every move I have to do as your SEO specialist, so I’m not going to. Instead, I just want to say that my job is to do the Best “SEO” Search Engine Optimization for your company so the end result gets you to the top of Google.

Seriously, don’t get reeled in by these so called SEO experts that promise rankings for very little money. Believe me when I say “If it sounds to good to be true then it really is.”  This happened to most of my clients who tried this before finally realizing they needed someone they could trust to beat their competition.  That would be me!

In closing, it is really tough out there in the SEO world so to speak, but I have the drive and am dedicated to my clients to no end. Results must be #1 so it is a win win for all parties involved.

Mission Statement by
Theresa Chavarria 05/08/2016
SEO Specialist, Santa Rosa, CA