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SEO Specialist SEO Specialist Theresa Chavarria

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A self taught SEO Specialist. In 1998 Theresa Chavarria started an online advertising business paying an Internet Marketing Company $$$$ monthly to get #1 Google SEO results.

A year later she then decided to tackle search engine optimization herself and within three months she was beating out the Internet Marketing Company she had hired.

So inspired by her search engine optimization skills, she started to learn graphic design and then website design which then lead to specializing in html coding.

Websites that she currently manages are still #1 in Google after all this time. So with that said, she would consider herself an SEO Specialist.

She services several business websites across the Nation from SEO to Web Design to Marketing helping them become and stay successful through her Internet Marketing skills.

“SEO is a very challenging job but is very mentally rewarding”

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Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Current Clients with #1 Google Rankings – Theresa started internet marketing for Free Bail Bonds in 2008 with Organic Search Engine Optimization which is still ranking #1 in Google with over 200 other companies within a 15 mile range.

Theresa has redesigned their website three times, created their logo, and has set up and optimized Social Media accounts like BlogSpot, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Also recovered from their website being hacked back in August of 2013.

D’ – Created a Google+ page for Local SEO when someone is searching for a Santa Rosa Winery and have optimized their Social Media accounts since 2011.

Currently #2 in Google and #1 Bing for local business listings. – Worldwide Company Branding, Ecommerce Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, SEO since 2012 as well as being #1 for Microfiber Supplier.

A Microfiber Company in the USA. – Nationwide Company Branding, Logo Design, Ecommerce Web Design, #1 SEO since 2010 in both Google and Bing for Rags Company. – SEO, Web Design with #1 organic search in Google and Bing since 2014.

Website was hacked before she started. – The entire works for this Juice Bar and Internet Cafe.  Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Groupon, FourSquare, Google+, Directories, Local and Organic #1 Rankings.

#1 in Google and Bing since 2014.

We can show you how our services compare to other marketing companies with snap shots of their website scores and rankings.