Google and SEO

Google AlgorithmsCompanies fighting fiercely with competitors to be on top of the search engines, mainly just Google. Yes, we can get you there.

Google doesn’t come with a book on how to become an SEO Specialist. We have learned over the years by experience. To us it’s like playing a chess match with Google. It’s all about strategy and technique and a lot of patience.
Bring it on Google!

Google Algorithms

Being in the business of building websites since 1998, we have seen and gone through many changes with Google algorithms not only with search but with websites disappearing off the face of the map for no reason. We have battled sites that have been hacked, and websites that were given to us for redesign. Here is how Google algorithms work….

If you are struggling with your current internet marketing company to get you to the #1 position in Google, we understand.  There are so many so called SEO experts out there that have flooded the market promising SEO results but actually don’t deliver on what they preach.

Not so at Advertising Identity.  We are very trustworthy and have the testimonials to prove it. We specialize in website design, search engine optimization and social media marketing.